Our mission is to achieve maximum results in terms of portfolio returns with emphasis on minimizing risks through actively adapting to ever-changing market conditions, diversifying among fundamentally solid assets, using derivatives and other financial tools to manage risks and enhance the performance. From big picture to minute details; we use top down market analysis to identify opportunities for investment in domestic and international financial markets.

FACTORS CONSIDERED IN CHOOSING AN INVESTMENT: Global market environment, domestic market environment, sector analysis, individual investment’s fundamental and technical analysis, market momentum.

TOOLS USED IN MANAGING THE RISK: Invest in fundamentally solid undervalued assets, achieve low correlation among portfolio holdings, allocate a portion of funds to fixed income holdings, utilize options to hedge the downside risk and enhance the performance, engage in short term opportunistic trades.


The types of investments that firm utilizes for client’s portfolios are:

Equity Securities (exchange-listed securities, securities traded over-the-counter, foreign issuers)
Corporate Debt Securities (other than commercial paper)
Certificates of Deposit
Municipal Securities
Exchange Traded Funds
United States Government Securities
Options Contracts on Securities
Mutual Funds