Clutch Capital Management, LLC is a financial advisory firm registered with the state of New York. Established in 2009, the firm manages money for its clients on both a discretionary and non-discretionary basis.

We offer a variety of advisory strategies tailored to match our client goals including:

  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Investment Strategy Design
  • Income Generating Solutions
  • Capital Raising/Consulting
  • Retirement/Pension Accumulation
  • Education Funding
  • Portfolio Management
  • Financial Instruments Trading

The firm also offers basic financial planning and cash flow analysis services. We work with individuals, small businesses and corporate clients. The account types that we manage include:

  • Individual
  • Joint
  • Custodial
  • Investment Club
  • Non-corporate Organization
  • Trust
  • Estate
  • IRA
  • Guardianship
  • Corporate
  • Qualified Plan
  • Partnership

Brokerage products and Custodial services offered by Interactive Brokers, LLC - Member FINRA and SIPC.
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